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3 May 2021

Henry Gallery

Mining site

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Via Pranu Sartu,
09010 Buggerru

+39 334 1142910


Galleria Henry, in the Municipality of Buggerru, is the most important work of the great Planu Sartu mine. Excavated in 1865, it allowed the transport of minerals by rail from underground construction sites to distant washing facilities. Located 50 meters above sea level, this tunnel dug into the hard rock is impressive: the dimensions were determined by the use, back in 1892, of a steam locomotive. This ingenious system, thanks to a futuristic railway network, supplanted the slow and expensive transport with mules and other pack animals.

The tunnel, made safe and equipped with indications, is now accessible and looks like a sort of suggestive labyrinth. Its uniqueness is constituted by a perpetual relationship with the cliff on the sea that occurs through minor galleries and walkways carved, like ideal windows, in the rock. Through these luminous openings that alternate with the darkness of the subsoil, we can enjoy suggestive views of the coast overlooking the sea and breathtaking views.

An unmissable experience for tourists on holiday in South West Sardinia.


On the coast in the Municipality of Buggerru

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Ticket office

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During this period, restrictions, limitations or suspension of activities may be applied due to the Corona Virus. Contact the Cooperative to find out if the site is open to the public and any measures taken for your safety

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