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Events and Territory

22 July 2021 by Discover South West Sardinia

In our blog dedicated to the events and the territory of South West Sardinia you will be updated with news and articles on scheduled events and in-depth content to help you improve your travel experience in our territory.

Events calendar

Scroll the calendar to see the events scheduled in South West Sardinia. Click on the details of the event to visit the dedicated page.

  • Girotonno Special 2021
  • 7/12/2021-19:0
  • 7/31/2021-23:59
  • Carloforte
  • 0

Discover the South West of Sardinia

In this section you will find all the useful information to better spend your holiday in South West Sardinia. Stay up to date!

Girotonno Special Event 2021 in Carloforte

Girotonno Special 2021

The Girotonno di Carloforte, an event dedicated to the famous and renowned bluefin tuna caught in the island’s traps, is renewed this year in a special guise.

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