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4 May 2021

Warung Sports Activities on Pan di Zucchero

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Masua Beach, 09016 Iglesias

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Live a unique experience! a path through time between rock, sky and sea, able to amaze everyone and not. With its 133 meters high, Pan di Zucchero is the highest stack in Europe and the second in the world! Along its sheer cliffs, there are three sport climbing routes, a descent of 45 meters and the via ferrata called “the Path of the Miners”.

The “ Path of the miners ”, Via ferrata on the Pan di Zucchero, runs almost entirely vertically along the old path that the miners used to climb the plateau. The via ferrata is practicable starting from a small ledge at sea level where the docking of the racks, the boats used for transporting the mineral, was located.


Already from the landing, the cables protect the first short stretch that leads to a square, overlooked by several mining tunnels, some of which are walled up, where it is possible to consult the road book. From the square there is access to a passage on (stable) landslide boulders that lead to a horizontal roof that can always be walked on with cables in total safety. It continues without problems up to the base of the vertical characterized by iron pegs or natural rocky points that reduce the technical difficulties therefore it is traveled fairly quickly with excellent views towards the sea and on the walls above. At the roof of the left cave, the vertical ends to look out onto the west-facing side of the island. After about ten meters without safety, the cable is resumed for the last 10 meters of vertical that lead to the plateau.


On the plateau of the Pan di Zucchero which rises up to just over 130 meters, a circular path marked by stone men indicating the most important points of beauty can be traveled. It is advisable not to get too close to the edge of the cliff which could be dangerous. Along the way it will be possible to admire the stretch of coast that from the beach of Masua reaches Cala Domestica and the structure of Porto Flavia set in the cliff facing the east side of the island, inaugurated in 1924, an old mining landing place for loading ships. But still admirable will be the Laveria Lamarmora and the entire mining area of Masua and Nebida.


The descent can be carried out, for the more experienced, returning to the roof of the cave where there is a stop for a rappelling directly on the dinghy, the jump is about 45 meters, otherwise you can retrace the via ferrata to the starting point from which to re-embark.

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