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5 May 2021

Our cheeses

A territory, the Sulcis, where traditions and modernity meet. Numerous specialties of first, second, cheeses and desserts. A great variety, for all tastes and for the most demanding palates. Let’s focus today on the ancient dairy art of these places. Wide production in the territory: different processes, for different results and enveloping flavors.

The large expanses of fragrant fields with Mediterranean fragrances create a special environment for the animals raised here, giving the milk a unique taste. The careful selection of products and constant animal health checks guarantee quality and excellence.

The cheeses are produced both with cow’s milk and with that of goat and sheep and give life to the most typical products. Often prepared with traditional methods, mirror of ancient gestures and passions.

A type of cheese produced in fair quantities is a type of canestrato of sheep’s milk, so called because it is prepared in rush baskets and from which the typical shape derives. A hard, compact and white cheese with a thick, amber rind. The flavor is intense, inviting and slightly spicy depending on the seasoning. One type of canestrato, produced in these lands, is Foil of Sulcis : it is served as an appetizer and usually accompanied by Sardinian cold cuts. The Sardinian Pecorino PDO is another local sheep’s milk product with a stronger flavor. The paste is light, in contrast to the thick crust, hard and dark in color. It is traditionally used also at the end of a meal, and to season various types of pasta.

From the actual production phase of the cheeses, another tasty and delicious and more easily digestible product is usually obtained: ricotta cheese . Produced with both sheep’s milk and cow’s milk, prepared with whey proteins, that is the liquid part of the milk that separates from the curd during the dairy process, sometimes the ricotta is placed to smoke on a structure of reeds and resting on a hearth fueled with wood and aromatic plants. Thus was born the smoked ricotta, a specialty of this wonderful part of Sardinia, with a strong and enveloping flavor, all to be discovered and savored wisely.

THE goat cheeses they are produced throughout the island and can be served with dry white and intense wines. Depending on their seasoning, they can also be lightly roasted on the grill. All table cheeses are excellent, accompanied by the classic Sulcis bread (eg. Sa tunda ), become a complete, savory and tasty meal, with strong and contrasting notes. Always try the sweeter and less seasoned cheeses accompanied with honey!

Thanks to the various dairies in the area, the production of cheeses is vast. Among these is the classic goat cheese, of which the Pantaleo, typical of the Santadi area: a full-bodied cheese with an aromatic taste. In the pecorino category, a distinction can be made between classic pecorino, with a compact and solid texture and semi-matured and matured pecorino: the first sweeter and the second with character strong and with a very intense flavor, enriched by slight holes in the internal grain.

Also of great value i spreadable cheeses , with a soft and enveloping, intense and simple taste, enhanced when combined with other bread-making products of the territory.

In short, the Sulcis area offers a wide choice of cheeses, which never disappoint the expectations, even those of the most refined palates.

And don’t say you didn’t want to try them all!

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